About FIF

FIF is working to uplift the Hong Kong community at home and abroad.

Statement of
First Initiative Foundation is organized for the purposes of engaging in a variety of projects that are of a nature beneficial to our community and for the purpose of taking the first initiative for good.

The activities generated, organized and administered support and promote education and creativity in the arts, design, music and all areas as beneficial to Hong Kong.
  • First Initiative Foundation organizes and generates activities that go to enhance the community and its quality of life through the support of its essential initiatives.
  • First Initiative Foundation also pursues international cooperation and recognition of Hong Kong as a city of import with global appeal by implementing all aspects of purpose whenever possible. 
  • First Initiative Foundation reinforces and extends Hong Kong’s place on the world’s stage.
  • First Initiative Foundation acts as an important creative catalyst and communicative instrument in support of the Hong Kong community on a local and international basis.  Promotion of the community’s greater good on all integrated levels is the Foundation’s clear mandate. 
  • First Initiative Foundation is established and chaired by Michelle Ong and supported by a group of Hong Kong’s most notable citizens.
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